Friday, November 04, 2005


Want A Ferrari? Try A Timeshare

Can big boys learn to share their toys?

That's the hope of the Scottsdale-based Van Horssen Group, which is launching an exclusive club for fast-lane men and women featuring fractional- or shared-use of 30 exotic cars with a combined valued of $7.5 million.

Members can drive a $277,000 Ferrari Maranello one week, and slide into a Bentley Flying Spur the next.

These are cars fast enough to blur a snapshot or luxurious enough to chauffeur Diddy in correct style.

"We strip away all of the hassles of owning an exotic car, the care and feeding of it," company founder Ron Van Horssen said.

The sharing concept follows a shift among the superrich away from acquisition to fractional use of corporate jets, yachts and vacation homes.

Instead of buying a quarter-million-dollar automobile, Van Horssen Group members pay a $7,000 annual fee and a weekly charge of $2,200 to $11,800 to drive the cars. They also gain access to a futuristic and ultra-chic hangar and lounges at Scottsdale Municipal Airport, where the cars are pampered.

The V-12 Ferrari Maranello, with a top speed of 202 mph, and the Aston Martin Vanquish S, the model James Bond drove in Die Another Day, both start at $4,500 a week.

A lead foot-note: Members pay their own speeding tickets. Just loke maintenance fees at a timeshare.

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