Monday, December 12, 2005


Coastal Vacations Level 3 Director Jay NaPier Offer Top Bonuses With Coastal Membership

Coastal Vacations Level 3 Director Jay NaPier will be giving away an extensive bonus package to new Coastal Vacations Members.

The Coastal Crew Bonus Package includes business and marketing workbooks, travel agency website, 13 CD audio training package, and Digital Video Camcorder, iPod Nano, even a Dell Notebook Computer.

There are qualifications for people who want to partner with Jay NaPier and become a member of his exclusive Coastal Crew success team, as he does not just take any one in his business and is very selective.

First, you must be passionate about travel, vacations, and saving up to 75% off all your trips for life, while putting $1000's of dollars potentially, in your pocket each month.

Second, you must have time. It takes 8-15 hours minumum a week to do this business with any success. You must have time to get trained, to listen to special training audios which Jay provides as a part of his exclusive bonus package. You must have time to attend Jay's weekly live training Q and A calls where you can get help from a live and real person, right on the spot.

Coastal Vacations has been featured in the media many times over the last 12 months in Home Business Connection Magazine, from Cutting Edge Media, and was even featured on the front cover in the August issue!

Recently, over September 24, Coastal Vacations Board of Directors held their twice annual training event and announced some very encouraging information about making their vacation offers even better.

Coastal Vacations has added a Level 3 program which includes All Inlcusive Super Luxury Resorts. This package will allow our reps to earn commissions that almost exceed 5 figures when they sell this package.

Coastal has added a better hotel card which will bring access to savings on over 20,000 hotels.

Coastal has also added a special savings on Ramada Plaza Resorts, with a platinum getaways in over 14 locations in beautiful resorts, and one only pays the room tax.

Coastal Vacations also just improved their Rental Car Card, by adding more vendors than just Alamo, now you can save with 5 more vendors such as Avis, Hertz, Budget and more.

If you are searching for a successful, respected, helpful and qualified Coastal Vacations Director, Jay NaPier is the Level 3 Director you are looking for.

Jay NaPier is dedicated to empowering your personal and professional goals. He is committed to helping you build your team. Are you are coachable, reliable, and have great motivation? Do you enjoy helping other people fulfill their dreams? Then Join my exclusive team. call my toll free number:
1-888-825-7531 and press option 4.

Coastal Vacations is a unique, exciting, simple and extremely profitable home-based business with unlimited income potential. We earn $1,000 to $9,705 per sale, working from home, selling the best wholesale travel package on the planet.

If you have the desire and are coachable, we can teach you how to earn $2000 to $6000 + weekly and more. And you'll get to travel more than you ever have in your life.

Coastal is not MLM, a Franchise, Timeshare or a Travel Agency. It is a Direct Marketing opportunity which involves the sale of a product to a consumer whereby the Qualified Representative keeps the commissions personally and not shared with numerous people.

Coastal Vacations is an 11 year old association of entrepreneurs who sell wholesale vacation packages. We have 3 packages including Domestic and International, where you earn $1000 - $9,705 per transaction. The packages include trips and accommodations from major companies in the travel industry, including: Carnival Cruise, Marriott, Alamo, Access,and many more. Plug into our proven turnkey marketing system and start earning thousands your very first month in business

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