Friday, December 16, 2005


Group Sues Alpine County Over Timeshare Real Estate Project

A group has filed suit in Alpine County Superior Court against the county, disputing its decision to allow a timeshare project without requiring an environmental impact report.

The suit filed by the Friends of Markleeville on Tuesday challenges the Alpine County Board of Supervisor's decision to amend its general plan as the first step in approval of the Markleeville Village/Mahalee Lodge project without first preparing the report, according to information provided by Friends of Markleeville.

The proposed project includes 14 commercial spaces, a 25-room lodge, 49 cabins to be sold as timeshares and related infrastructure - water supply and storage, roadways and a wastewater facility.

"An EIR will allow objective consideration of project impacts and feasible alternatives to preserve Markleeville's environment while still allowing a reasonable development project," said Friends of Markleeville members Steve Hibbs and Nancy Thornburg, both Markleeville residents. "This will give the Board of Supervisors more information upon which to base a decision.

"The county's Technical Advisory Committee and Planning Commission have raised numerous concerns about the project's environmental impacts as have many residents and property owners in the Markleeville area."

Attorney Susan Brandt-Hawley of the Brandt-Hawley Law Group will represent Friends of Markleeville.

"The Petition for Writ of Mandamus asks the court to set aside the project approval while an EIR is prepared as required by the California Environmental Quality Act. This will allow for consideration of project impacts, mitigations and alternatives in light of the significant environmental impacts relating to wastewater, water supply, historic and cultural resources, scenic vistas and aesthetics, fire safety and public service and growth inducement," Brandt-Hawley said in the report.

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