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The Sales Presentation At The Timeshare Club

In the majority of cases the qualified couple arrives at the resort after having made a pact which consists of “we are not going to buy anything today” no matter what we see or what we hear. After listening to the sales presentation “without any obligation to buy” they will be given the certificates for a discount on the price of that activity which they chose to carry out, as well as the additional gifts and other promised promotions for assisting the presentation.

In those resorts with a successful marketing, the invited couple or family can perceive that the intensity starts increasing from the moment they arrive. In the resort everything is prepared and programmed to generate in the atmosphere the sensation of “urgency” ….. the sensation that “there is no better opportunity than the one turning up today!” and as a matter of fact in many cases that’s the way it is. Everybody who is collaborating in a time-share resort understands with absolute clarity that the key to its success lies in generating “urgency”, and with this as the basic ingredient for achieving their goals they have been trained to carry out their corresponding activities in their part of the process.

The sales presentation process is divided into the following basic steps:

Reception and welcome:
After having been invited by an OPC promoter, whether it has been on the street or at any other prospecting center, it is specified to the invited guests that they have to fulfill certain requirements that certifies them as a “qualified couple” in order to obtain the fabulous discounts or gifts in exchange for an approximately ninety minute long visit of the time-share resort. By being qualified the couple is in a position to receive everything that was promised to them, in addition to being paid the corresponding amount for the transportation to the resort.

The reception basically consists of receiving the invited couple or the family making sure that their transportation is covered by the resort as well as to confirm that they fulfill all the requirements in order to be considered a qualified couple, to show them the resort and to have them attend the sales presentation without any obligation to buy.

Once this step is covered the couple is assigned a representative [the liner] that will accompany them during their visit and will show them the resort.

The line:
The assigned representative is responsible for completing this part of the process which definitely is the key on one hand; for the couple to receive all the information with clarity while on the other hand; the developer makes sure through the representative that the information which is about to be transmitted will be received with an open and receptive mind. To make sure that this is the reality is essential for the developer, and as a matter of fact there is a moment when the assigned representative addresses the couple in order to ask them, independently from the pact that they may have made between them before arriving at the resort to “not buy anything today”, to ask them to sincerely open their mind in order to receive information that they do not know and with this decide that same say whether they would like to become vacation timeshare owners or not.

Filling out a survey –where the answer to different questions determines the vacation and the social economic profile of the couple– is amongst the other steps that should be completed during this part of the process. This information is vital so that in the next step a package or vacation investment program can be designed according to the specific needs and wishes. This is generally done during the breakfast which is also offered by the developer.

After breakfast the representative or liner obtains from the qualified couple the commitment to continue with the presentation and to go on to the next step through a clear comparison between what being an owner of a vacation spot represents and what paying rent for a place to stay represents. At this point if the representative has done his job with dedication and professionalism and if the couple has maintained an open and receptive mind, they will have some questions that they would like to have answered and which are an indication for a sincere interest to know more about what the resort could do for them during their future vacations in case they do decide to become timeshare owners.

Having obtained the commitment to wanting to continue through questions to be answered, the representative or liner will ask for the help of someone who is qualified to answer all their questions and show them the different plans on how to become an owner of a vacation property during the holiday period most suitable for them, by making an investment that would be much lower than what they would continue to pay for accommodation rentals during their next ten, twenty or thirty vacations around the world.

The person responsible for completing this last basic phase of the presentation is called a closer. In some resorts the same person does the job of the liner and closer.

The closer is responsible for responding to the questions with absolute clarity, for showing the resort, for presenting different plans to become a vacation owner and above all for asking the qualified couple –in case it makes sense to them to be vacation owners and if they qualify for it– to sign the application to become new members of the club. Occasions are reached where real opportunities are offered for purchasing time-share weeks at very reasonable prices and with attractive financing programs. It is precisely here where the sensation of urgency reaches its highest level.

Possibly you agree with me –especially if you have already assisted one or more sales presentations– that it seems –as described in this article– that a sales presentation does not have to be considered an experience which turns out to be of an overwhelming pressure for some people, especially when the ninety minutes of their vacation time that the couple committed to spend are already over. As a matter of fact if both parts were maintaining an open and receptive mind it would never be considered like that.

It is very important to recognize that in order to make it possible to have a time-share presentation on one hand there must be a qualified couple, and on the other hand there must be a developer represented by his collaborators. They are the main characters during the presentation and it must not be forgotten that above all they are human beings accustomed to interpreting and to reacting and to responding to the different events that present themselves (even when the collaborators have received a rigorous training). And it lies here where most of the times things during the sales presentation get complicated. Another part of the presentation which plays a big role in generating urgency interpreted by most as “pressure” exerted in order to make people buy is what happens around the presentation. In the next editions I will address the topic of the most familiar complications presenting themselves during a time-share sales presentation and especially during the part of the process called “closing”.

See you next time….in the meantime do not forget it is you who has the last word on accepting or not assisting a time-share presentation.

Hapy New Year!

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