Friday, February 10, 2006


Middle East Receives First Timeshare Franchise

Major companies such as Hilton, Hyatt and Marriot have added their household names to an industry that previously attracted too much attention to marketing tactics and perhaps not enough to valuable product development and delivery.

In the Middle East, markets such as Egypt, Lebanon, Jordon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Yemen have been hosts to various marketing enterprises selling either local timeshare products or Mediterranean resorts, a playground for the Arab elite.

The idea of using a Franchise model has, however, not been so quick to catch on in this region.

One reason is that most developments organize their own selling, and are single site developers.

World Class Vacation Club, a Multi-Destination Club, has successfully penetrated several markets in the region and beyond through its relationship with Platinum Resorts International over the past five years.

Today, Platinum Resorts International, a company wih 12 years experience in that market. has announced that it has finally acquired the Master Worldwide Franchise License of World Class Vacation Club.

Platinum has launched its market search for qualified distributors and franchisees throughout the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

'We have created synergistic components that a normal broker-agent program would not be able to provide' says Bassam Nakad, VP of the Group.

'Our target market for these franchise opportunities are travel agents, timeshare executives or entrepreneurs in the market where they have established credibility and roots.'

'We see tremendous opportunities in this business model, by tapping into the entrepreneurial skills of so many promising experienced timeshare executives and managers worldwide, our ability to deliver World Class products to this new potential audience is in concert with our goals' said Bassam Nakad,

Resort Franchise Associates, based in Beirut, is the trade name of the franchisor's marketing arm. Resort Franchise Associates will seek relationship development with business partners in Dubai, Libya, and UAE and throughout the Middle East.

Platinum Resorts International, a company founded in 1994, currently utilizes franchise agreements in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and will expand its growth rate and distribution channels through qualified operators selling the World Class brand.

Resort Franchise Associates will also offer B2B relationship products to existing timeshare developers or timeshare associations who are in resorts which are sold out to offer additional benefits packages to their member base.

The company has seen emerging markets in China and Dubai and Croatia as real areas of great potential to match the needs of customers in those booming markets.

'We are actually looking for responsible ethical partners to grow our business with and to protect our brands, and return the franchisee many more rewards that they could ever receive with a typical timeshare job,' commented Mr. Michael Tolan, President of Platinum Resorts International

'Our brand will enjoy growth and as our member base expands and is responsibly promoted, and as this happens we will continue to add more value to our customer base, with benefits often tailored to individual markets,' he continued.

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