Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Timeshare And Leisure Real Estate Symposium Announced

Under the theme of New Horizons in Shared Ownership, the event is co-hosted by RCI's parent company, Cendant Vacation Network Group, and specialist industry consultants, Ragatz Consulting. Set for Dubai's Burj Al Arab Hotel 28 - 29 April, the event aims to attract a high profile audience of business investors, real estate developers and specialists from the industry.

The shared leisure real estate market is booming globally and clearly possesses great potential for investors within the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Timeshare growth worldwide over the next five years is expected to be around 50%, but probably greater than that in the Gulf area where so many major tourism developments are underway. RCI's Middle East operation, now head quartered in Dubai, aims to use the symposium as a means of explaining how the shared ownership sector can play a pivotal role in making these developments a success.

A central feature of the B2B programme is a presentation by Ragatz Associates covering a comprehensive consumer survey exploring the attitudes and habits of Gulf Arabs towards timeshare and other models of shared ownership, such as fractionals, private residence clubs and condo hotels. This first-time research will seek to quantify perceptions and preferences towards the timeshare market, which already includes 30,000 owners within the Middle East. Presently the majority of these own timeshare in Egyptian resorts, but the main focus of the survey is skewed towards the potential market in the Gulf area.

RCI's own estimates, calculated on the basis of new accommodation entering the shared and or self catering sector by 2008, indicate that this will generate over $2.5 billion for Dubai's economy alone. Hence the research and the symposium represent a crucial opportunity for all those seeking to identify the most efficient business models to succeed in this burgeoning market.

The first day includes an in-depth educational workshop aimed at those who have little or no experience of the industry. This offers an introduction explaining why shared ownership concepts are so relevant to the local scenario. Incremental to this is the recognition that timeshare is compatible within the Islamic principal of 'Sukok' permitting ownership of property by way of a title or deed.

The second day includes a comprehensive programme covering relevant aspects of the shared ownership sector. The format will include presentations and panel debates covering a wide range of topics.

Carlos Vogeler, VP Industry Relations, Cendant Leisure Real Estate Solutions speaks about international and Gulf specific tourism trends. There will be a panel on Next Generation Timeshare Products and Developments; Brett Archibald, Managing Director, Cendant Vaction Network Group, Hong Kong, will moderate this. David Bansmer, Managing Director, The Registry Collection and Vice President, Business Development RCI, will moderate the panel on Condo Hotels, Buy to Use and Let.

Richard Regatz, President of Ragatz Consulting, will moderate new Fractional Ownership Products and The Benefit of Operating Mixed Use Developments. The presentation on Middle East research findings, which will be presented by Kevin Wallace, Managing Director, Ragatz Consulting, also forms a central part of the agenda, followed by a Q and A sessions and concluding with a summary of key factors for success.

Panellists include: Kevin Wallace, Managing Director Ragatz Consulting; John McDonald Managing Director, Club Galaxia/Grecotel Vacation Ownership; Rick English Managing Director CLRES Turnkey Solutions, Dubai; Motassan Hadjaj, Saudi Arabia

The event is the perfect opportunity for everyone interested in learning about the advantages of shared ownership. It includes an extensive range of subjects presented by international experts covering case studies by successful developers, sales and marketing techniques, rentals, financing and regulations.

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