Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Timeshare Development Proposed

Bluegreen Corporation wants to build a 76-unit timeshare development at Treasure Island resort, the Lake Delton plan commission and village board heard Monday.

Village engineer John Langhans recommended approving the conceptual plans for the development, provided issues with watermains, easements, new roads, and parking and internal signage are taken care of.

"We are recommending that the water main shall be extended along Clara Avenue to serve this development. So an extension of the Clara Avenue water main is to extend to the east of the proposed access drive to the property line. The developers have proposed the interconnection of the private Treasure Island main to the existing private main to connect that to this proposed Bluegreen system," Langhans said.

However, due to differing interpretations of municipal codes, Langhans said connecting the private main to the proposed development is not allowed.

"Both myself and the developer's consultants are trying to work with the regulatory agencies Department of Commerce and PSC, as well as DNR to find out if this is actually a legal situation," Langhans said. "Future determination on the feasibility of this shall be made pending code clarification from the regulators."

Langhans told the board the shared water main issue may not be a problem at all because the Bluegreen parcel could use a separate main. "Then this issue goes away," Langhans said.

The existing 40 foot access easement off Clara Avenue has been looked at, and Langhans said it would need to be expanded to 66 feet so that the easement could connect Clara Avenue and Highway 12. "All of that would be on currently Mattei-owned property," he said.

The easement would allow for shared access and possibly a future right of way between Clara Avenue and Highway 12, Langhans said.

Langhans also recommended a new roadway be installed from the existing Treasure Island parking lot to the proposed shared access for Bluegreen off Clara Avenue.

Internal signs will need to be developed by Bluegreen and Treasure Island to instruct guests where and how to exit the property on Clara Avenue. The main exit for the proposed development would be off Clara Avenue, so as to not further congest Highway 12.

Langhans asked that the proposed Bluegreen parking lot be revised so it would not encroach onto the proposed easement. "It looks like that can be easily accommodated," he said.

A three-party development agreement will be necessary to address development issues with the project, Langhans said.

Since this project is only at the conceptual stage, further plans would need to be submitted for final approval.

Carter Arndt, an architect with ADCI also spoke at the plan commission meeting. He told the commission Bluegreen, which is a vacation timeshare company, was looking forward to coming to Lake Delton. Bluegreen is not new to the area, as one of its timeshare developments, Christmas Mountain Village, is off County H in Dellona.

Arndt told the commission he feels the plans submitted to the village are consistent with Langhans' recommendations and concerns.

Village trustee and commission member Jeff Hynum asked Langhans about the impact of the traffic on Clara Avenue. Langhans said right now, Clara Avenue already gets quite a bit of traffic from Treasure Island, and he doesn't think an exit on Clara Avenue would be a problem. Down the road, Langhans said, traffic issues on Clara Avenue may need to be revisited.

Hynum said, "If we recommend it to them (Bluegreen) that we would like them going out the back rather than out the front because it would impact Highway 12, that same impact could have an impact on Clara Avenue - not necessarily traffic wise but road widths, road quality-wise."

Village trustee and commission member Tom Diehl said it was like Noah's Ark, with one entrance on Highway 12 and two exits not on Highway 12. Internal signs, Diehl said, would direct traffic to where it needed to be.

Langhans said he did not recommend a traffic impact analysis for this particular development.

Hynum asked Langhans if he had ever driven on Clara Avenue at night, to which Langhans said he didn't think he had.

The commission approved recommendation to the village board.

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