Thursday, May 04, 2006


Interval International Signs Up Torino 2006 Olympic Village For Timeshare Resort

What happens to an Olympic Village after the 2,500 athletes from 85 participant nations have left? For the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics the answer was simple – start work on turning the village into a timeshare resort.

The result is Villaggio Olimpico, an Interval International-affiliated timeshare resort situated in the town of Sestriere on Italy’s north-western border with France. This Alpine resort, owned by Olimpico Villagio Srl., will open in June 2006, when more than 280 timeshare units will be available for exchange.

Planned with the features of the surrounding landscape in mind, the village at Sestriere is a complex formed by seven buildings. The facilities are directly linked to the ski lifts through a hall area protected by a large window, which overlooks the ski slopes themselves.

David Clifton, Interval International’s managing director, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, said: “For two weeks in February 2006, the region around Torino in northern Italy was the centre of the sporting world. “Hosting the Olympics is a great honour and not only a showcase of sporting excellence, but also a chance for the host nation to revitalise local infrastructure and economies. By turning to timeshare, the Olympic Village has really looked to an innovative and profitable alternative use.”

As its name suggests, Villaggio Olimpico is an ideal base for visitors wishing to take advantage of the world-class ski and snowboarding slopes. Built in 1934, Sestriere is one of the earliest and still one of the highest purpose-built ski stations.

Sitting on a sunny plateau, snow cover is guaranteed thanks to both altitude and one of the world's most extensive snow-making operations, a combination which made the Winter Olympics in 2006, such a success. The timeshare resort will not only be a winter destination but provides year-round facilities including Europe’s highest golf course.

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