Thursday, May 18, 2006


Time To Tend To Business And Stop Timeshare Real Estate

Friday's edition of the Packet revealed an above-the-fold story about town leaders speaking out against House of Representatives incumbent, Richard Chalk, who represents Hilton Head Island.

How interesting it was to read of the mayor and five council members throwing in their very verbal support behind Tom Herbkersman. Mind you this is the "nonpolitical government body" we elected supporting a candidate who is without credentials, except those of being a local developer. Do we see any connection here? The mayor's wife, who is Herbkersman's campaign manager, said town officials will be watching Herbkersman very carefully if elected. I have a feeling that might be an understatement. The mayor's wife also said that Councilman Bill Ferguson, although not present for the press conference, also supports Herbkerson. Isn't that just so cozy. I would hope a little too cozy for Hilton Head voters.

Time better spent would have been to keep our $1.5 million here on Hilton Head rather then send it to Bluffton. Those dollars could have been used toward the purchase of land on Squire Pope Road to prevent the construction of timeshare condos. Just what the voters of Hilton Head needed -- more timeshares, people and traffic on the Island!

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