Friday, June 23, 2006


For Hawaii Visitors: Almost 73,000 Timeshare And FRactional Units

The latest Hawaii visitor plant inventory by the state counts 72,889 visitor accommodation units, including hotel rooms, rentable condos, timeshares, bed-and-breakfasts and even hostels.

The share of units held by hotels has fallen below the two-thirds mark: 63 percent of visitor accommodations are hotel rooms and suites, followed by 20.7 percent for condo/hotel properties, 9.6 percent for timeshares, 3.3 percent for individual vacation units, and less than 1 percent apiece for B&Bs and hostels.

"There has been a shift in conventional hotel rooms to condo/hotel and timeshare real estate," said Marsha Wienert, tourism liaison to Gov. Lingle. "But for the most part the room inventory is stable."

There was also a shift toward better-appointed and more expensive accommodations: units classified as "luxury" increased 2.2 percent. "Standard" units decreased 3.5 percent.

The inventory, which covered the year 2005, was up 0.4 percent from 2004, the Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism reported Thursday.

There were 6,839 timeshare units in operation last year -- that figure will top 7,000 this year -- and there are more of them on Kauai, more than 2,000, than on any other island.

Around the islands:

Oahu: Inventory dropped 5.1 percent to 34,167 units, 46.9 percent of state inventory. Timeshare units increased about 26 percent and condo/hotel units increased 11 percent. Hotel units decreased 8.5 percent.

Maui: Inventory grew 4.4 percent, 25.3 percent of state inventory. Maui's condo/hotel inventory increased 6 percent and timeshare units rose 22.5 percent. Hotel units on Maui decreased 1.1 percent.

Kauai: Inventory dropped 0.3 percent, 11.1 percent of state inventory. Kauai condo/hotel units decreased 1.1 percent; timeshare units increased 4 percent; hotel units decreased 6.1 percent.

Big Island: Inventory grew 13.1 percent, 15.6 percent of state inventory. Big Island condo/hotel units increased 27.5 percent; timeshare units rose 19 percent; hotel units increased 7.1 percent.

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