Thursday, June 08, 2006


James Monroe Capital Announces New $5mm Timeshare Real Estate Project

James Monroe Capital Corporation (Pink Sheets:JMCP), has announced that they are working on a second timeshare real estate resort development in Costa Rica.

James Monroe Capital will be working on a timeshare resort, on the already popular West coast of Costa Rica, in Guanacoste. Dr. Vinton J. Lewis, independent deal maker, has commented, "Timeshare allows us to sell the same condo 50 times, one week at a time. The profits that can be obtained are substantially higher than a typical development."

Dr. Lewis has brought timeshare expert Bob Johnson to the team, who will head up the development as president of the subsidiary. Johnson said, "We have been approached by multiple land owners who would like us to develop their land. This places us in such a good position, with so many choices. I'm sending one of my guys, Richard Smith, another timeshare expert, down there in mid-June to do some final due diligence on the property which is by far our favorite. We have that property tied up for now."

James Monroe Capital CEO Chris McGovern commented, "The two resorts will be different from each other, but the timeshare resort will be a quicker profit center. We can also use the two of them to help add stability to the company. We also hope, in the future, to have the timeshare real estate profit from each other, sharing ideas for long-term success and earnings."

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