Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Butlins Takes Timeshare Route

Holiday company Butlins has teamed up with RCI to launch a timeshare service as the group is building its first timeshare resort in Somerset.

The new resort, which is called BlueSkies and situated in Minehead, Somerset, is a vacation ownership development worth more than £4.5m.

BlueSkies members will be able to purchase points which can be used each year to buy either one big holiday or a number of small breaks in a timeshare of their choice.

Members will also be able to exchange the points with timeshare specialist RCI share owners around the world.

The entry cost for members will be £6,000 for 30 years of holidays.

Head of the BlueSkies development Mike Crowther said: “BlueSkies is holiday heaven for the growing number of people who enjoy the fun and convenience of a UK family break. Second homes and holiday apartments are an unattainable dream for many people as they can be expensive to buy, maintain and manage.”

I remember going as a youngster and i was pretty over-awed by the slot machines, in hindsight i think that it is a clever marketing ploy to position the arcades near to the Butlins entertainment centres.
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