Monday, August 07, 2006


Harper Seeks At-Large Director Position For Timeshare Community

A resident the past four years and a non-resident and timeshare owner at Fairfield for nearly two decades, Glenn Harper feels he can fairly represent all three important groups on the board of directors of Fairfield Glade.

According to Harper, all three groups want similar results; cost control and improved facilities. Popular amenities such as golf, tennis and the lakes are obvious winners. Residents also want police and fire protection, good roads that are well marked, completion of the new community center and the fulfillment of a promise for a new grocery store.

The non-residents would like upgraded roads to their lots, extensions of water and sewer and other consideration to ease their eventual building projects.

Timeshare owners love our amenities. They have made a tremendous contribution to Fairfield Glade. Their dollars fund many of the existing amenities and contribute to the addition of new ones. Without their contributions, the new community center probably would not contain a swimming pool. Secondly, just having them here adds to the financial welfare of not only the merchants of Fairfield Glade but all of Crossville.

Our ever growing population forces the board to reappraise its actions constantly. There are many questions to answer. Will the widening of Peavine Road get emergency crews to the hospital faster or cause fewer accidents? Have we done enough to prepare for nursing home and limited care facilities for our aged and infirm? Have we made mom and dad aware that their children can go to the Mirror Lake Fishing Derby and catch their first fish? Our issues are both big and small. They all need to be addressed.

"Let's continue the pride and hard work of the past that has made Fairfield Glade such a great place to live today."

Because of his community and civic involvement and his proven business skills Harper feels that he is qualified to seek the at-large director position of Fairfield Glade. For three years he has served on the lakes committee, two of which were as chairman. The fall issue of the "Fairfield Glade Update" will be delivered the week of August 7. In it will be the business backgrounds and qualifications of each candidate.

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