Monday, August 14, 2006


Positive Outcome For New Timeshare Regulations

The new regulations issued for timeshare in Malta have generated a positive outcome, the Ministry for Tourism and Culture said in a statement released on Thursday.

These regulations aim at minimising the harassment of tourists by timeshare promoters, better known as OPCs, by properly licensing marketing companies and levying heavy fines in the eventuality of defaults.

They are the result of a series of meetings held between representatives of the timeshare industry and officials from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA).

To facilitate enforcement, greater financial and human resources have been dedicated to intensify monitoring. Marketing companies are also being requested to deposit money, in the form of bonds, from which eventual fines will be drawn.

The Regulatory Directorate of the MTA is investigating over fifteen cases of reported abuses ranging from working without a valid licence to over-aggressive selling.

Since the relatively recent establishment of the regulations, a dramatic drop in the number of complaints has been observed which is indicative that this exercise is indeed having the desired effect.

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