Thursday, August 31, 2006


Timeshare Industry Fastest Growing Segment In Australia’s Tourism Industry

The Australian Timeshare Ownership Council (ATHOC) has released key findings in their first study into the economic significance of the $700 million a year industry.

It was reported that the timeshare industry is the fastest growing segment in Australia’s tourism industry and is a crucial contributor to the continued survival of regional towns, from employment and training opportunities through to investment and development of Hotels and Resorts.

AEC Group Principal Carey Ramm commented: "It is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry, both nationally and globally recording growth of 10 per cent per annum in each of the past five years, and employs thousands of workers, both directly and indirectly, across Australia’s regions. The growth potential of the industry cannot be underestimated, with a possible doubling-tripling in size over the next 10 years, going a long way towards meeting the need for accommodation in Australia".

The report also found that the timeshare industry provides training and dispute resolution services and that currently only 6 per cent of owners are dissatisfied with timeshare, with the overall satisfaction rate in Australia amongst the top rating in the world.

Players in the Australian industry are Accor Premiere Vacation Club (APVC), Trendwest South Pacific (RCI, Interval International, Classic Holidays, Holiday Concepts and I.C.E Asia Pacific.

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